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Cheek’d. Cheek’d is probable in search of money plus some IT expertise from a Shark

Lori Cheek brings something called Cheek’d, the second thing that is big internet dating, in to the Shark Tank in episode 517 on February 28. Cheek’d is more like internet dating in reverse – you sign up for the solution and you’re sent a collection of cards the dimensions of company cards. Each card has “pick up lines” in it along side a rule. In the event that card receiver is interested, they’re going into the Cheek’d internet site and check always away your profile; if they’re interested, they are able to contact you.

A number of the cards are a little “snarky,” as Lori places it. They’ve sayings like “I’m a lot better than anyone you’re with,” “just act natural, we are able to get embarrassing later,” and much more. Why is Cheek’d distinctive could it be adds an element that is human internet dating because there’s a genuine in-person contact, but brief, prior to the online courtship starts.

Cheek’d Shark Tank Recap

Lori comes to your Sharks shopping for a $100,000 in substitution for 10% equity. Her concept was created each time buddy wrote “Want to have dinner?” on the rear of a small business card and handed it to a lady he discovered appealing. He landed a night out together, together with concept for Cheekd came to be.

The cards have pickup line on a single part, like “I’m flirting with you. 😉 ” and in the other, an unique rule that leads them to your giver’s personal online profile. The strategy permits singles in order to connect with prospective matches unobtrusively, and without sharing way too much information that is personal appropriate away.

She hands each Shark A cheekd that is personalized card. Robert Herjavec’s reads “ you were seen by me teching me out.”

Barbara Corcoran is amused, but she’s got questions regarding the way they work. Users obtain a “deck” of Cheekd cards for $20, and spend ten dollars a thirty days to help keep their rule and profile active. The Sharks need to know about figures. During the period of airing, Cheekd was in 47 states, and 28 nations. There have been 4,500 members that are active with 1,125 compensated people. Lori has made $56,000 in 36 months with Cheekd. She’s invested $120,000 of her very own cash.

Kevin O’Leary claims definition that is“my of pastime is one thing that does not make anything in 36 months.” Lori is actually homeless, having abandoned her apartment. She’s living by “couch surfing”- living on friends’ sofas. She describes that her web site is “broken” and that she’s only recently gotten the kinks sorted down. Mark Cuban is unimpressed. “You’ve fixed it after investing $120,000? I’ve a guideline, whenever individuals appear in who will be delusional, i need to say I’m away. I’m out.”

Kevin O’Leary, in real Mr. Wonderful design, informs a whole tale of a child whoever dad makes him shoot their rabid dog. He states “your deal can be your dog. If you won’t i’d like to shoot it, i must say I’m out.”

Robert Herjavec believes that people like online dating sites because associated with privacy and also the convenience. He believes the continuing business design is flawed, and he’s down. Lori Greiner agrees. She does not have the concept is working. She’s away.

Barbara Corcoran doesn’t think the business enterprise model works either. “You’re the right business owner, plenty of fish but here is the incorrect company.” She’s away.

The last Shark has talked, and Lori makes the phase with no Shark deal.

Cheek’d Shark Tank Update

Lori Cheek supplied an upgrade on her behalf progress, she re-branded and rebuilt Cheekd in only a little over 12 months and right right right right here’s the storyline in her words that are own

After getting shot down by all five Sharks, we looked them into the optical attention and said, “Trust that you’ll all see me again.”Although thosefinal bold terms of mine finished up regarding the cutting space flooring insult that is(adding damage), into the 48 hours after the broadcast, received a record-breaking 100K visitors that are unique our inbox full of lots and lots of email messages insisting that the “Sharks” were “out of the minds” for maybe not spending. Only a little under 50 of the e-mails had been from interested investors. Considering that the Shark Tank aired in February with this 12 months, i came across the lacking website link from years prior to. I’ve gotten a CTO agreeable who’s helpedfacilitate and fund the face that is new technology behind thenewCheekd. The newly launched app that is dating users to fix missed connections by having a brand new technology that has been unavailable once the patented Cheekdidea was released. It absolutely was just a matter of the time and I’m thankful We didn’t use the Sharks advice to stop and move on.While the real cards worked all over the world and had been an amazing method to make new friends, we discovered a couple of obstacles; normally the one being our users remained quite intimidated to walk up and slip a card to a complete complete stranger. Looking at options of methods we’re able to replace the platform, we discovered a method to make these IRL encountersmuch easier much less intimidating with a solution.previously that is mobile with all the Cheek’d Version1, users would make use of a collection of clever cards to introduce by themselves to people they encounter into the offline globe whom sparked their attention. In the event that interest had been shared, the card recipients utilized the card’s code that is unique reconnect effortlessly with all the individual with a personal online profile viewable at

The newly launched Cheekd reimagines online dating sites with a brand new software that makes missed connections obsolete. Cheekd runs on the cross-platform low energy Bluetooth technology, which fosters hyper neighborhood engagement. The software links people in real-time, versus digital time. Connections start in individual; Cheekd makes it possible to simply take the step that is next carry on the conversation online.

Cheekd guarantees you ‘Never skip a Connection’; as a result of this new Bluetooth technology, the application works regarding the train; in an airplane… anywhere — You’ll get an instantaneous notification if an individual who fulfills your requirements is at 30 foot of you. If you’re near a possible spark, Cheekd makes certain you understand about this. More pictures for the software can be located right here.