The Key of Chuck It That Nobody is Discussing

This makes them excellent bone marrow treats for your dogs as well as fun chew toys for them. These types of toys are ideal for dogs who have issues with destructive chewing. If you find that your pup likes to chew on furniture or your belongings, they might benefit from a toy like this one.

Plush toys are not going to be suitable for your dog’s aggressive chewing. Most dogs enjoy disemboweling anything with stuffing whether it’s a plush toy , a dog bed, or sometimes, your couch. The stuffing in most plushies is dangerous and can cause health problems for the unlucky dog who ingests it. However, if that should happen (and it can, even on the toys labeled “indestructible”), the second feature you should look for is whether the toy is non-toxic.

If your dog is a slave to fetch then the chances are you have gone through several packs of tennis balls. Whether they are easily punctured or get lost in ponds, most balls aren’t suitable for long term use. For those that find their dog loves the AirDog type of toys, Kong makes a variety of other shapes and designs, including a donut, football and a fetch stick. As well as being more fun to play with, it features non-abrasive felt designed to be gentle on your pup’s teeth, unlike a standard tennis ball that can be rougher. A downside of this toy is its high asking price compared to cheaper, standard dog toys. However, if your dog gets hours of entertainment out of it, then it can be considered decent value for money.

Supervised play will help toys last longer and most importantly keep your pal safe. No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off. For example, if you have a dog who loves to play ball, then a Nylabone isn’t going to do the trick.

Pet parents who have already used it to play with their dogs absolute love its buoyancy. This makes it perfect for some really fun water-related activities, whether it is on a swimming pool or on a lake.

Dealing With Chuckit

We have a knack for finding balls in the wild, so I’d argue that the most eco-friendly dog ball is the one you already own or that your pup finds at the beach or park. claim their toys are made with natural rubber but they offer no certification to prove as much. Safety is of the utmost importance when selecting chew toys for your precious pup.

We like that they are a natural chew toy and how well they clean our dogs’ teeth without wearing them down as some hard chew toys do. Our dogs come back to these frequently and they spend a lot of time chewing them. They take much longer to wear down, even our power chewer takes about 10 days of constant use to wear them down. What we don’t like about the horn chews is the odor. The dogs don’t mind but it can be a little pungent.

Also thank you so much for the safety information! Our German Shepherd mix has developed an obsession with playing fetch. He recently figured out that he can pop the Chuck It tennis balls with his teeth. But, after reading your article about dogs choking, now it is downright frightening. I will try one of your recommended fetch balls instead. TheKong Ball Dog Toy is a big, heavy rubber ball. Even with two holes and a hollow core to reduce the weight, this thing is solid.

The manufacturer claims that the squeakers should continue to squeak, even if punctured. Again, we think that this will depend on how destructive your dog is, but it’s good news for those whose dogs aren’t into wanton vandalism. This extreme two-knot tugger lives up to its billing, with a hefty length of rope and two chunky knots, all built to withstand a real mauling. Possibly not, but will they make you chuckle while they’re here? Just about every dog loves a good bone, but not every owner loves the mess or the smell.

The Upside to Chuckit

What is not often mentioned is that you can actually throw tennis balls further with the Chuckit! Ball Launcher, so it also makes an excellent toy for the dog that never seems to get enough fetch.

Others invent entirely new toy categories or produce toys that’ll tickle your funny bone. It comes in two sizes, small or large, and my dog is a pretty big shepherd mix so I have the large one for him. This one is really cool if you want to play basically kickball or soccer with your dog. My dog loves soccer but he destroys every soccer ball that he ever touches so he just likes to play too rough, but this thing is super durable. There are certainly plenty of dog balls to choose from, and I’ve used a fair few over the years, even though I haven’t bought a new ball for a good long while.

Play, train, or simply enjoy a long walk and take a Chuckit dog toy along with you. The shapes, sizes, click over here now textures, colours and accessories will all enhance your rapport with your four legged friend.