Studies show that girls are much more likely than boys to drop out of sports and physical activity during their teens, for a whole range of reasons, which may include peer pressure, body image and confidence. You can tweet throughout the week with the hashtag #SheCanSheWill to highlight what your club is up to, or take part in some of the organised events going on during the week. Browse what’s on at the galleries below, or filter results to narrow your search. In 1952, Anne Redpath was the first female painter to be elected an Academician of the Royal Scottish Academy. After 1954, Joan Eardley spent increasing amounts of time in the Scottish coastal village of Catterline, which inspired her celebrated land- and seascapes. Ann Henderson embarked on a distinguished career as sculptor and teacher, whilst Hannah Frank turned to sculpture at the age of forty-four, having established a reputation as a draughtswoman; meanwhile Pat Douthwaite and Bet Low began to make their mark.

  • In this film artists Abigail Webster, Moyna Flannigan and John Beagles were invited to discuss their own experiences of studying and teaching art.
  • Scotland have participated in most international competitions since the ban was removed.
  • Two major Scottish-Italian authors came from the west coast of Scotland in that period, Marcella Evaristi and Ann-Marie di Mambro, each with their own unique experiences.
  • Debbie Linden (22 February 1961 – 5 October 1997) was a British glamour model and actress best known for her role as old Mr Grace’s secretary in the sitcom Are You Being Served?

The SWH hospital at Royaumont was the largest British voluntary hospital, second nearest to the front line and the only one operated by women near the Western Front. As such, it provides a microcosm for our understanding of the contribution of women doctors during that period. Included in the collection donated by Lady Eileen Crofton were the newsletters of the Royaumont Association, formed to maintain the comradeship amongst the female staff post-war.

You will be able to seamlessly ‘Favourite’ images and download large images for personal use. Debbie Linden (22 February 1961 – 5 October 1997) was a British glamour model and actress best known for her role as old Mr Grace’s secretary in the sitcom Are You Being Served? Born in Glasgow, she played roles in various other TV series, such as The Professionals, Just Good Friends, Bergerac, and The Bill. She is known for the role of Amelia Pond, companion to the Eleventh Doctor, in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who (2010–13). Olivia Giles was born and raised on the west coast of Scotland, attending the University of Glasgow where she graduated with a degree in Law. When Olivia contracted a life-threatening illness that led to her hands and feet being amputated, she dedicated her life to ensuring that the aftercare and rehabilitation she received in Scotland was made available to people in some of the world’s poorest areas. By having Scotland as my base, I am surrounded by a community of inspiring women to climb, hike and surf with.

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Welcome to the Women of Scotland website, an exciting new project for locating and recording memorials to women throughout Scotland. She trained at Harrow School of Art and at the Royal Academy Schools in London. After graduating, Zinkeisen specialised in portrait painting and mural work, including for some of the most prestigious liners of the 1930s.


The play is written as a series of visual images, a sot of a fragmented fairy-tale with more than ever relevant issue of ethics of medical science at its core. Another playwright of that period who, similarly to Evaristi, experimented with coming-to-age comedy and scatological humour was Sharman Macdonald.

My research rediscovers the stories of such women interred at the Scottish Cemetery in Kolkata, the West Bengal city that was once the administrative HQ of British India . I wanted to highlight and explore these forgotten social histories through a “hauntological” perspective. Rather like a ghost, these unearthed stories were a returning of the past to “haunt” the present. When I was a child growing up in Kolkata, I would hear stories about the European colonisation of Bengal – the precolonial name of India’s West Bengal. These were selective narratives from a particularly male perspective, and presented colonisers as transforming social benefactors installed to provide a civilising influence.

The Scottish beauties successfully participate in beauty contests, at the same time they actively are engaged also in social job, professional career. But even more importantly was getting home to Scotland and meeting people who had been following along with my expedition in the press and on social media, having the opportunity to inspire and give confidence to them to take on their own challenges is the most rewarding part of it all. By adventuring in Scotland you are following in the footsteps of so many inspiring women. With most female participation in sport, women have to see it to be it, and we are lucky here in Scotland to have so many visible female role models.

During World War Two, she worked as a nurse in a London hospital and painted her experiences. Her post-war portrait sitters included members of the Royal Family and the British aristocracy.

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After losing their second game, 2–1 against Japan, Scotland needed to win their third game against Argentina to qualify for the last 16 as a third-placed team. They appeared to be heading for qualification when they took a 3–0 lead, but they conceded three late goals to draw 3–3 and scottish mail order brides – exited at the group stage. This was an oral history project to capture the experiences of women who settled in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow. It charts their experiences before coming to Glasgow and gave accounts of what it was like to arrive and settle into life in the city.

Similarly, political issues are being re-visited and old wounds are now being moved to the new territories, such as in Linda McCartney’s Heritage , where Northern Irish conflict goes transatlantic to affect the lives of teenagers in 1914 Canada. Between then and the death in 1965 of Anne Redpath, the doyenne of post-World War Two Scottish painting, an unprecedented number of Scottish women trained and practised as artists; this exhibition focuses on paintings and sculptures made by forty-five of them. Celebrate the achievements and success of all women and girls in sport and actively promote girls’ and women’s in sport across Scotland.

© Estate of Maud SulterAward winning Glasgow born Maud Sulter was of Scottish and Ghanian heritage. Sulter was an artist, poet and writer who confronted history in her writing and her art. In her autobiography Red Dust Road published in 2010 she writes powerfully of her experience of growing up in her loving family in Glasgow but also the racist incidents and attacks she endured at school, University and beyond. Most affecting is her search for a sense of belonging through seeking her birth parents in Nigeria and Aberdeenshire. The board is made up of key leaders from the world of women’s sport, business and media and full membership can be viewed here. £90,000 is being invested by the Scottish Government in three projects to support women involved in prostitution. The Equally Safe consultation – which attracted over 4,000 responses – found the pandemic had exacerbated the harms experienced by women involved in prostitution and underlined the importance of a wide range of support to address their multiple, underlying needs.

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Some regions run the Development Series as a series of festivals where all teams attend, others play home and away fixtures. I really liked almost all of the short stories in this book. Although the cover gives the impression that they are all shallow chick lit, many of them were very well written. This was my least favorite of the girls sbout town books. They stories just didn’t come alive like the other books did and I kept hoping the next one would be better and it often wasn’t. This is the first time I’ve ever ordered a book for the TPL. Since they already had Irish and American Girls About Town they accepted my suggestion to order the above, and I was first on the list to get it.

Browse 4,715 scottish bride stock photos and images available or search for scottish women to find more great stock photos and pictures. For a name related to a Scottish town, a richly patterned Indian fabric, and a country singer named Brad, Paisley has been a remarkable success story. She entered the Top 1000 in 2006, and broke into the Top 50 for the first time in 2015, and is now one of the most popular girl names that start with P.

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  • None of the stories are long enough to sink your teeth into; a few had some one-liners that made me chuckle, but that’s about it.
  • Well that was my impression , I heard scottish folks are very friendly so I decided to add new girls in fbk to try , well am a boy .
  • I didn’t discover as many good authors as in the other anthologies, but a few really stood out.

Orla is an Irish name closely associated with the high king Brian Boru, as it was the name of his sister, daughter and niece. It was very popular in the Middle Ages – the fourth most popular name in twelfth century Ireland – and has become popular again in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales today. In Irish, the name is commonly spelled Orlaith or Orlagh. The e-addition takes the name from slightly hippie-ish nature name to the place name of a picturesque island off the coast of Scotland, and for baby namers it’s by far the more popular spelling.

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“Rona” has become slang for coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, which gives the name a dark and somber edge. In 2019, Rona was given to 26 baby girls — we expect it to drop off the list entirely in the years to come. The name of a small, inhabited Shetland island in Scotland makes one of the unique Scottish names for girls. While it’s an uncommon name internationally, it’s also a traditional girls’ name in its native country, where it ranks in the top 400 . This unisex name, the seventh most popular surname in Scotland, can make a more unusual Cameron alternative. It is represented on the girls’ side by TV news correspondent Campbell Brown, for whom it was a family name, Brown was born Alma Dale Campbell, Alma Dale being her grandmother’s name,and Campbell her mother’s maiden name.

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Traditionally a male name, Leith now can make a highly unusual, strong but soft, and intriguing girls’ possibility. Anglicized form of Seònaid, the Scottish Gaelic equivalent of Janet. It has historically been quite popular in Scotland, although it hasn’t ranked in the Top 100 there since 1995. Why does Mairi, pronounced MAW-re, seem so much cooler than Mary? This Irish form of Mary was not used before the seventeenth century, as it was considered too sacred. Some of its Anglicized forms include Moira, Maura and Maurya.

I thought Jenny Colgan’s “fringes” story disappointing and ridiculous. So I’d read a couple of stories, put it down and eventually pick it up again. The problem with collections of short stories is that some of the stories are really good. They pull you in, get you invested, and end, leaving you wishing it had been a full, standalone book. Julia Hamilton – Coming of age with empathy for many things in the nature of becoming adult. Scottish aristocracy close class and a blind eye to the family the Earl Gatehouse.

Of course there are many more Scottish baby names for you to consider. Try this interesting Scottish baby names app to see name trends in Scotland since 1974. It was traditional to add these three letters to the end of a boys name to turn it into the feminine version. Some are traditional , others have the flavor of European countries who have touched Scottish history. Here’s the list of first names as promised, we have grouped them alphabetically. MeningitisThe parents knew something was seriously wrong with the nine day old baby. Scottish Conservative PartyTory MPs from Scotland fell into line to support Boris Johnson’s controversial plan to slash spending on international aid, which cleared the Commons last night despite a minor rebellion from other Conservatives.

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Going forward, though, Katie is more stylishly clipped itself to the grownup Kate. In 2019, Heart Research UK launched the Heart of Scotland Appeal in response to the startling statistics associated with levels of cardiovascular disease in Scotland.

I have had success with Ukrainian girls and I thought Scottish girls would be easier to talk with . The income from your ticket contributes directly to The Royal Collection Trust, a registered charity. The aims of The Royal Collection Trust are the care and conservation of the Royal Collection, and the promotion of access and enjoyment through exhibitions, publications, loans and educational activities. Plus, receive recommendations and exclusive offers on all of your favorite books and authors from Simon & Schuster. Autism has, up until very recently, been believed to be more common in males than in females. There is much greater awareness of girls and women now as our knowledge and understanding grow and evolve.